In – House Training

Character Building Training Politeknik Kesehatan Tasikmalaya 2013 – Training CerdasMulia

One-Day Character Building Training for more than 200 Tasikmalaya State Polytechnic of Health students. In this training we delivered a heart-touching lecturette, storytelling, games, and simulation to bring best experience.

Inspirational Seminar CBT BEM FASILKOM UI – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia LTC delivered short inspirational seminar about character building with Amar Khoirul Umam as Lead Trainer.

Inspirational Seminars PMB FKM UI 2013 – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center Provided Inspirational Seminars for new students of faculty of public health, Universitas Indonesia. In this seminar, one of our master trainer, Arry Rahmawan, give practical tips about how to optimize our potential to get excellence achievemnt.

CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center has a commitment to bring the best trainings based on students needs. Our training series developed by intensive methodology, start from pre-research, needs assesement, design, concept, delivery, to evaluation phase. See our introduction in Bahasa Indonesia by downloading the file right here.
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