In-House Character Building Training SMP Negeri 58 Jakarta – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center delivered leadership training for internal student board with 80 participants

In-House Training Entrepreneurship SMP Cahaya Harapan – Training CerdasMulia

One-Day Studentpreneur Training in SMP Cahaya Harapan Bekasi. This training conduct lecturette, simulation activity, and business case competition to bring understanding about business for students

Entrepreneurship in Action Politeknik Negeri Jakarta – Training CerdasMulia

These photos described activities from one of the best selling training in CerdasMulia, Studentpreneur Training. This training was delivered with main objective to create tough young entrepreneurs with academic excellence. This training was attended by 120 students from accouting major.

Life Planning Training SMA Negeri 54 Jakarta – Training CerdasMulia

These pictures show Life Planning Training delivery, In – House training at SMAN 54 Jakarta. This training was held full one day, 6 hours with 300 student participants. In life planning training, trainees will not only understand about the essential of life planning itself, but also can practice directly how to create a right goals to achieve.

Character Building Training SMA IT Nurul Fikri – Training CerdasMulia

These photos shows One Day Character Building Training that delivered at SMA IT Nurul Fikri, Depok. More than 150 students joined this training, and after training finished, all of students doing breakfasting together (Ifthar Jama’i).

Entrepreneurship Seminars Univ. Esa Unggul – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center Delivered Entrepreneurship Short Seminars (tematic) with topic, “Reach Your Market with Social Media.”, collaborate with Economic Faculty Student Board. On this seminars, CerdasMulia also had been given awards from Economic Faculty Dean. This seminars discuss about Social media trend, strategy, tactics, and evaluation matrices.

Inspirational Seminars PMB FKM UI 2013 – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center Provided Inspirational Seminars for new students of faculty of public health, Universitas Indonesia. In this seminar, one of our master trainer, Arry Rahmawan, give practical tips about how to optimize our potential to get excellence achievemnt.

Character Building Training SMA Al Azhar 4 Bekasi – Training CerdasMulia

CerdasMulia Training provided Character Building Training for Student Organizational Board at SMA Al Azhar 4 Bekasi. This training delivered in one full day training. All trainees not only follow training passively, but also join attractive games and simulation. Teacher of SMA Al Azhar 4 Bekasi gave appreciate, 9 points from 10 evaluation scale.